I need to vent

At some point, you’re going to start charging me to read my ramblings found here, but in the meantime, while it’s free, I must speak out.
If you EVER hear me saying, “I’m going to zip through Lowe’s during my lunch hour”, please make a full body tackle and stop me!
I went into today to buy $1.19 worth of parts that I needed to fix our bathroom sink and it took me 10 minutes to get out of the store. There were TWO checkstands open with very “I’ve got all day, how ’bout you?” people running them.
Leisurely, I get. Slow? Doesn’t cut it.
From now on, I’m referring to the store as “Slowe’s”.

I feel better.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “I need to vent

  1. Funny, but since my name is SLowe (S. Lowe) should I take offense? I completely understand tho – I feel the same about Wal Mart! I hope I offend noone name W. Almart! Have a great day and stay away from SLOWEs.


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