I have an announcement

I did some checking and those e-mails I’ve been getting really have been from the long-lost Prince of Nigeria. He sent me pictures and everything. So, because he’s promising me to pay me back double any money I can send him, I’m going to cash out my 401K and help the poor guy out. I know, I know, it sounds risky, but Prince Andawar is really going through tough times.  The loss of his throne, the forced exile in the Sudan, that surgery that the doctor says is required if he ever wants to play the piano again…

I hope if you receive one of his solicits by e-mail, you’ll look deep in your heart and even deeper in your bank account to help his royal highness in these tough, tough times.

Now, that being said,  before I head down to the bank, I would just like to wish you all the merriest of  April Fools’ Days.

Tim Hunter

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