OK, OK, so NOW I’ve seen “Twilight”

I wasn’t overly excited to see it, but I felt for the pop culture exposure, I should last through it once.
And once will do it, although it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Cliche, predictable and more like a really good made-for-TV movie. You could see the franchise being built, including the ending where you see that one of the bad guys is still around, all but saying, “I’ll get you in the sequel”.
But I know it was designed for the tween set. It was like “Vampires 101” for those who had never been down the Bela Lugosi/Christopher Lee/Gary Oldman road and wanted to start out easy.
I guess you could say it was “cute”…watching these high-school vampires, wearing their training fangs. Although, if push comes to shove, I’d still take “Once Bitten”, one of Jim Carrey’s first movies.

Tim Hunter

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