Tim 1 T-Mobile 0

So, in January, my cell phone begin going Linda Blair on me (thanks to those of you who know what I’m talking about) Dialing numbers randomly all by itself. Of course, this all happened two weeks after the warranty expired, so it was time to buy a new phone.
I went to the T-mobile store and they suggested a phone that would cost $50 and I would get a $50 rebate. Fair deal.
Two months later, I still hadn’t received the money. Just as I was getting ready to call, a letter arrived in the mail from the T-Mobile rebate center. It informed me that the rebate program didn’t apply to that phone.
I was imagining how I would walk into the store and yell at someone, telling them that I bought the phone because of the rebate, etc….but instead, I called up the mothership and talked to someone at T-Mobile. He calmly informed me that it was just a computer glitch and that my rebate would come in the next four weeks.
I wondered how many people would have gotten one of those letters, said “Oh well” and not followed through.
My frugal Scottish upbringing paid off again.

Tim Hunter

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