It’s scary how my mind works

So, actress Lori Petty celebrates a birthday this week and I was reminded of Ray Ramsey.
For those of you new to the area, Ray Ramsey was the channel 4 weather guy before Steve Pool. Ray was right out of the 50s, with a quick wit. When you got him going, he was like a “Hee Haw” version of Robin Williams. The lines would fly fast and furious and it was your job to keep up. Not everyone was fond of that, but some of his morning radio visits with Larry Nelson on KOMO radio were instant classics.
Like so many TV personalities, Ray got his start on radio. Over in Spokane, he had the nickname “Hay-head Ray” because of that mop of his. While doing weather in the 70s and early 80s, Ray always wore sports coats that looked like he was about to sell you a ’59 Ford Fairlaine.
I was fortunate enough during my days at KOMO and a couple of times hence to hang with Mr. Ramsey, although its been a bunch of years by now. The last I heard of him, he was over in Idaho or Montana somewhere that was near a horse racing track, because Ray did love to feed the ponies.
Ray always had a handful of great sayings at his disposal. So, when I read that it was Lori Petty’s birthday, I was reminded of one of them:
“Remember, don’t sweat the petty things. Just pet the sweaty things.”
Quintessential Ramsey. You gotta love it. Thanks for the reminder, Lori.

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “It’s scary how my mind works

  1. I was just writing about KOMO in the early 70s,
    was going to mention Hayhead Ray as a
    sort of metaphor for the KOMO milieu at the time,
    and found your piece while googling.
    Some good lines. I’d like to use the
    bit about the Ford Fairlane.
    When were you there? I’d like to chat.

    Or 206-284-7373.
    Frank Chesley, P-I, 1969-77.


    • I roamed the halls of the old KOMO building from February of 1980 through August of 1984 as Larry Nelson’s producer. 4-1/2 years of fun in which we wedged in many an adventure. Helped Stan Boreson co-write songs for a Christmas album, interview lots of celebrities, got to play with the likes of Bob Rondeau, Brian Johnson (who’s still playing on TV), Betty Bender, Lan Archer, Rich Osborne, Don Chapman, etc. We started the Husky Tailgate parties, created the “All-Dawg Band” and took “Husky Hooper” buses to the game. It was a great bunch of years, but not nearly enough.
      Working these days in the ad biz up at the Destination Marketing agency in Mountlake Terrace. Glad to chat whenever…



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