I got a new car

I hadn’t planned on it. But let’s see if you would have done the same thing.
I’ve been whipping around town in a 2006 Honda for the past three years. The payments were $310 a month.
When my wife and I were dating a couple of years ago, between her living in Ballard and me in Bothell, I really racked up the frequent driver miles. So, one day, while writing a commercial for Lynnwood Honda, I was including their offer: ZERO down, lease for just $249 a month.
To review: I owned a 2006 Honda that I was making payments of $310 a month…there were 48,000 miles on it…which meant tires and brakes couldn’t be far away…plus, the license tabs were due in a month.
The cost to do all that: $1,000.
The profit I would have made selling the car private party: around $1,000.
The Lynnwood Honda offer: priceless.
Yep, I just dropped off my 2006 Civic…picked out the color I wanted and with no cash out of pocket, my payments went down $60 a month. AND, I was driving a newer car that had an I-Pod jack in it. Yes, my insurance went up–$9 a month. I still came out screamingly ahead.
So….would you have done the same thing?

Tim Hunter

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