Happy St. Patrick’s Day

By the time you’ve cracked 50, you have racked up quite a few St. Patrick’s Day memories. Most of mine have connections to my radio days.
I remember running around downtown Seattle handing out green bagels to workplaces that listened to KLSY with 6-foot  6-inch James Walz, who put on an outfit and toured around as “the world’s largest leprechaun”. My life lesson that day came after eating several of the green bagels–and learning that what goes in green comes out green.
There was the time at KOMO radio when I was Larry Nelson’s left-hand man. A lady friend of Lar’s buddy,  Bruce Johnson,  came into the studio wearing a bikini and spray-painted green.
But my fondest memory was a bit I produced featuring Matt Riedy as St. Patrick. It’s an actual recording of the time St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. You can listen to it at http://www.wackyweek.com/st.mp3

Happy SPD!

Tim Hunter

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