Great Moment in Life

So, old radio buddy Eric McKaig was in town and going to stop by. Both co-bozo Scott Burns and I had brought our lunches, but Eric said “Let’s meet at the Subway near you guys!” I thought, “What the heck, I’ll buy a sandwich today and save my sack lunch for Monday!” Scott said he would sneak his lunch into the restaurant and eat it there. Whatever.
So, when I ordered, I thought I’d buy the full sandwich and give Scott half, so he wouldn’t feel weird eating home-made sandwich in the restaurant. When I came back to the table, he declined and insisted on eating his sandwich. But when he went to take it out of the baggy, he realized, “This isn’t my sandwich!” He had grabbed the wrong lunch out of the fridge…and he was about to eat MY brown bag sandwich. It was then I was able to convince him to take half the sub, since, either way, he would be eating my sandwich.
Aw, life….

Tim Hunter

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