The Quiznos Scam

Too bad. I used to think Quiznos was a pretty good place to eat, but not after today.
They were thumping their chest announcing that they were giving away a million sandwiches. I went on-line, filled out the information and poof! I got a voucher good for a free sandwich! Several people in the office did the same thing and today was kinda “Quiznos Day” at Destination Marketing.
Most of them went to the Lynnwood location and came back with delicious sandwiches. I worked out at the YMCA and then went to the Quiznos nearby. Inside, there was a sign posted that said “We do NOT honor these coupons”.
No problem. I’ll just go to the Teriyaki place down the street.
So, I shot a tweet out on twitter…and then wrote this note to Quiznos national.

So, I went on line earlier this week to get my free sandwich, signed up and then walked into a Quiznos that had a coupon posted and written in felt pen it said, “We do not honor these”. Didn’t bring a lunch, so I bought Terriyaki food down the street. I’m extremely disappointed at Quiznos which I used to think was better than Subway. Yes it said “participating restaurants” on the coupon, but if everything you say in your national ads doesn’t apply to all of your stores, I’ll assume that also applies to claims of quality and better taste.
I was hoping for a sandwich but have a very sour taste in my mouth right now thanks to you.

Just another day in the life.

Wait. I went to Quiznos and got toasted. I feel a t-shirt coming on!

Tm Hunter

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