Scary Times

It seems like every day I talk to at least one person who has lost their job or knows someone who did. Its kinda sad when the lucky ones are those who just took a pay cut.
Like the president said, I totally believe we will emerge stronger…both as a nation and individually. Life is a course, with lessons dished out a day at a time. It’s easy to play the “Boy, if I knew then what I know now” game, but that’s the point. You didn’t know and now you have learned the “why” behind what your gut instinct was telling you.
Try this trick: each thing that happens can be an opportunity or an obstacle. Choose A and examine the possibilities. You might be surprised.
Negative attracts negative and frankly is the easy way. The harder thing to do is to put the effort in to make it something good. The good news is, once you get into the habit of that, good things and positive karma start piling up….and it snowballs.
Life isn’t perfect. Mine has been far from that. But everything that happened resulted in the “me” that is writing these words and put me into the reality I see around me. Pretty heavy stuff from the funny guy, but one of those early-morning observations that tells me I need more coffee.
And that’s a good thing.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Scary Times

  1. I could not agree more. Thanks for the reminder that there is choice in how we respond to this adventure called “life” even in these challenging times. It is certainly better than the alternative.


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