Messy Hair

I must have missed the meeting, but somewhere in the past several years, there was a vote. The end result: its OK to appear in public and have your picture taken with messy hair.
Today, having your hair all over the place makes you cool. Bonus points if you have to keep brushing it out of your eyes.
I don’t know how it got started, but back when I was a kid, I used to “von” my sisters. Vonning is a verb I made up all by myself. You take both hands, place them on the head of your victim and “von” their hair until it’s messy. It would drive them crazy. I can still hear Terri yelling, “Mom, Tim von’d me!”
But now, considering today’s messy hair trend, I wasn’t being an imp: I was just trying to start a trend years before my time.
Wait–do people still say the word “imp”?
Well, that’s all I’ve got time for. I still have to hit the shower and von myself.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Messy Hair

  1. Hey Tim ~ Thanks for making me smile this morning. I guess I could actually go out the door in the morning letting my hair remain in the state it is when I get out of bed… Not sure if it would make me cool or not 🙂 I am sure the local Starbuck’s staff would get a kick out of it! Maybe I will have to try this “von’d” look some time soon.


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