It could be worse….

You’re going to be hearing that phrase alot over the next several months and then hopefully, we’ll be done with it.
This week, the owner of our company came in and announced that due to tight times, all salaries were being trimmed by 15%.
The room went silent. Then my buddy Scott Burns chimed in, “Well, at least we all have our jobs!”
Yes, it could be worse…
Of course, with me, I was over in the corner fighting off the comment I wanted to make. (raising my hand and asking, “So, how does this affect our March 1st raises?”) But, looking back, it was a wise move.
And, of course, Mr. Gallows Humor has been busy thinking of lines to help deal with the sudden loss of wages:
“I’ll just think of it as getting my salary, but no 15% tip!”
“OK, everybody, let’s get in there and give ’em 85%!”

My theory is that there’s nothing I can do about THAT, but there are lots of other things I could be doing….and so, that’s what I’ll do.
Of course, one of things is to come up with another Gallows Humor joke about losing a chunk of my salary. And the ironic thing….

It could be worse.

Tim Hunter

3 thoughts on “It could be worse….

  1. Sorry to hear it, Tim. Here at my work some very good folks lost their jobs and all of us lost a week without pay. But hey, how about them M’s?! It coulda been worse…they coulda brought back Ayala. 🙂


    • One of my treasures from the Murdock, Hunter and Alice days is a Bobby Ayala plaque that Alice gave me…because I would whine so much about him. It hung for years in my office. These days, I wonder how many fans remember him. He scarred me.


  2. Hi Tim – Sorry to hear the news. Wish my company would have offered that. Instead they had a 15% RIF the end of January. For those that remain there are no raises this year (duh!) and to add insult to injury they are moving our work to India. My take on it all…we are all in it together.

    And it could be worse…



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