Some basic rules of life have become very obvious to me this week. If I were to remove my modesty mask long enough to admit something that I’m really good at, it’s observation. Climb into my brain, look through my eyes and things just jump out at you.
Pause this thought: just found out that Jay Leno told one of my jokes last night word for word, one of the highest compliments possible for a ghost writer.
Here’s the joke:
A new study says that a Mediterranean-style diet—fish, olive oil, veggies—could help reduce the risk of getting dementia. Of course, when I think of mentally stable people, the Middle East is the first place that comes to mind.
Yep, that was conceived during the sleep-deprived, early-morning hours of this past Wednesday. But I digress…and really well.
The basic rules of life are as follows:

1) Everyone is busy.
2) Nobody is really doing as well as you think they are.
3) Nice people really are the happiest. Mean people are the ones who are really screwed up.
4) True friends don’t care when you called the last time. They’re just glad to hear your voice.
5) One of the keys to happiness is defining the difference in your head between “I want” and “I need”.
6) Politics is an unnecessary evil.
7) You’re right. So am I.
8) We’re more blessed than we realize.

There are more whirling around in my head. I’ll be back later to expand this list. But if you’d like to contribute, pile on.

Thanks for the read….

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “RULES OF LIFE

  1. Tim!! this is the first time I’ve visited your blog, what a treat! I suppose this means we’ll never have to talk face to face ever again…I can just catch up visiting this site.

    Great stuff (as always)…and CONGRATULATIONS on having Leno recite you word-for-word! What a surreal experience.

    And how nice of Jay to take it on the chin like that.


  2. Tim – Awesome to hear about your joke and Jay Leno. Not surprised at all.

    Your observations are right on. Always nice to be reminded of what is important in life and how to live best.

    Keep well and keep smiling!


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