I just went to a website that listed the deceased among my high school classmates. Wow. One was “the cool guy”, another “the most popular”, etc.
The wake up call is that this only lasts so long. Where we were before or where we’re heading after is pretty cool: it’s up to us. If you’re expecting nothing, that’s probably what you’re going to get. If you’re hoping for the next level of existence, it’ll be there. OK, WAY too much serious stuff from the funny guy. Just remember: what’s real is what’s going on right now. The past is over, the future is unknown. What you’ve got is right in front of you.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Wow

  1. Yes, Tim. Life continues for all of us…each day and every day. I believe we are all faced with the realization of our own mortality. As you stated the future is unknown. Here’s to embracing the day we have been given and all of its blessings to behold.



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