Super Eat Sunday

Why did I eat so much on Superbowl Sunday? I’m pretty sure it was because of the challenge.
I heard on the news that Super Bowl Sunday was the second-biggest eating holiday in the U.S.! Apparently, subconsciously, I was doing my part to bump it up to #1.
We went and watched the game at a friends of friends’ house and, amidst all those traditional Superbowl menu items–chips, salsa, wings–there was chili cheese something. I guess it was a dip, that you poured over your chips and devoured. Oh, it had all the major ingredients: ground beef, spices and of course, cheese.  Oh, but not just ANY cheese: Velveeta cheese.  I can not eve n tell you the last time I had Velveeta.  Well, I had it for fishing bait, but to actually eat it?  Everything in my being said to not eat it…but then I went back for seconds and thirds….

Bottom line: TOO MUCH CHILI CHEESE DIP.  This morning, I can feel it oozing out of more pores.  I haven’t had any coffee yet, because the tummy was just a little too tentative.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve learned my lesson and that I will never go near that stuff ever again.

Until next Superbowl…

Tim “That wasn’t me, it was the dog” Hunter

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