Never knew

Strange but I just heard from a childhood friend that his mom had passed away a few days ago. He included a bio of his mom and all these years later, I just learned that her first name was Sybil. I had no idea. All I had ever known her as was Mrs. Oling.
I saw her every time I went over to the friend’s house during those high school days. She was always such a grand lady…but she was Guy’s mom….not someone with a first name, but Mrs. Oling. At least, back in those days when the earth was still cooling, you would NEVER call someone’s mom by their first name.
Just a different time, so long ago. Fun to go back and visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Never knew

  1. I knew her as Sybil but never had the pleasure of actually meeting her face to face. She was a lovely lady and always kind to me.

    Like you, I never addressed my friend’s parents by their first name nor any of my relatives. However, my niece and nephew always address me by Robbin never “Aunt Robbin”. To this day I never call my aunts and uncles by just their first name.

    Maybe it is nice to live in a world that is not so formal but I wonder if some of the respect has gone with it.


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