OK, so everyone’s quick to complain when the city does something wrong. I gotta rave about the amazing job they did in fixing potholes on my most often-used street.
While dodging pot holes one morning, I decided to count them up over a 20-block stretch. There were 24 pot holes in various depths and sizes, most big enough to avoid.
Then I thought I remembered the city having a Pot Hole reporting web page…a quick Google…and next thing you know, I was reporting those 24 road divots.
THE NEXT DAY they were repaired. I’m tempted to think that lots of other people had complained about them and it just happened that they fixed them after my report. OR, not enough people know to report the pot holes. So, if you’ve seen some around town, don’t be shy. Here’s the web address:
Awesome job, Seattle. I’d have to give you guys a B+ on this one.

Tim Hunter

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