It happened again this morning

I’m driving to work (when a lot of my blog topics seem to jump out and grab me) and I come to a light, where I plan to make a left turn. There is a driver in front of me…there’s no turn signal…so, it is customary in most Western countries to drift out into the intersection for two reasons: 1) To fully demonstrate to on-coming cars that you plan to turn and 2) To, perhaps, allow the car behind you to also get in and make the turn when the light changes.
Once again, this oblivious driver waited BEHIND THE WHITE LINE for traffic to open up. I pulled up behind her, encouraging her to drift forward….but no. She waited and waited….the light turned yellow….and she waited and waited and waited…the light was red and she was still there.
Our driving instructional institutions have failed miserably. When making a left turn, drift out almost halfway into the intersection and then then when it’s safe.
Am I alone in this theory?

Tim hunter

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