What I learned yesterday

My Seattle Utilities bill was HUGE! First, I noticed they charged me an ‘extra pickup’ on a day I know we didn’t have any extra…then, a note on the bill said, “Because of the weather, we were unable to read your meter and so we estimated how much water you used”. Yeah, by A LOT!
My total utilities bill, garbage and water and sewer was $330 for two months. Mind you, not during the watering the garden and lawn season…but November and December.
So I read the meter, call in the proper numbers and they say, “Oh, that’s much lower, we’ll send you a revised bill”.
I can’t help but wonder how many people will just pay it rather than ask about the higher bill. That seems a little shady.
Anyway, if you bills ever DO way out of wack, CALL. It’ll make you feel better. Then you’ll go home, take a nice, hot four-hour shower and you’ll be right back where you started.

Tim Hunter

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