Man it’s wet up here

This particular winter in Washington state has been all over the board. First, we got more snow than I’ve ever seen in the area since I moved here back in the 70s. And, rarest of rarities, a White Christmas. Then it warmed up and rain arrived by the buckets. The major passes are closed due to the avalanche threat; down here, there is water over major highways that have people trapped. Of course, this is all further proof of what many have theorized for years. That the more extreme weather swings are being caused by something that’s been obvious for years. Some leaders have called for us to deal with the problem, but there’s been so much talk and very little action…until now.
Finally, Tyrone Willingham was fired as head coach of the University of Washington football team. Of course, he had been fired before the snow and the rain, so I may need to rethink this theory.

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