For those of you who don’t know….

I write for a radio show prep service so that disc jockeys can sleep in a little bit longer and then sound like they came up with a brilliant line or two. So, every morning the alarm clock goes off at my house at 4am…I stumble downstairs, climb on the computer and start looking for lines. Every now and then, one crawls out of my brain that makes me proud and one such line was born today. Of the 1400 subscribing radio stations out there, I’m sure a couple will slip this one in…(and probably explain it to sell it through) but here it is in it’s raw form.

Tom Cruise says that the Church of Scientology helped him get over his dyslexia and become a better rotca.
I feel like handing out cigars.
By the way, each week I post the cumulative results of those early wakeups on the mothership website,

Thanks for stopping by….

Tim Hunter

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