Oh, brother. While driving into work today, I heard that every city in the area is using salt to melt the ice on the roads EXCEPT Seattle. Why? Because they feel that the salt could drain into Puget Sound and damage it. Last I heard, the Sound was full of salt water. Go figure.

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “SALT IN THE WOUNDS

  1. I totally agree. I couldn’t beleive this when I read it in the paper. I believe in all the ecofriendly stuff, but come on not using salt to melt the ice? How many people are out there driving without four wheel drive or chains? I would be one of them. I figured they wern’t using ice because it was bad for the roads not the Puget Sound. Makes me wonder what all this sand will do to the Sound? Last time I was at the beach there was alot of sand there too. Thanks Tim for keeping your wacky sense of humor


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