Here we go again

So, last night after work, I hopped in the car and my cell phone instantly rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I think it’s good to answer anyway. If it’s a sales call, interrupt them and let them know its a cell phone that they’ve called and to please take you off the list.
The voice identified himself as Steve someone and I immediately recognized the name as that of the new University of Washington football coach. It was a pre-recorded message from him, letting us know that he was excited to have the job, was going to work right away and how to pronounce his name.
Of course, I’ve already forgotten but I am excited about the fresh start. After a 12-0 nightmare season, it was time to reboot the program.
I really do feel Ty Willingham took the brunt of two decades of screwing up. As a fairly loyal Dawg fan, I’ll always be grateful. I still have my picture with Ty up on my Myspace page.

Tim Hunter

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