So, we just went down on a whirl-wind weekend down to Reno, to celebrate a niece’s graduation from nursing school. While we were down there, surrounded by casino’s, I thought I’d make a bet on the final UW Husky football game of the season.  It was a sure-lock loss, so I wandered over to a sports betting window in the hotel casino and slapped down $5.

Not knowing the protocol, but want to act like an old pro, I said I’d like to bet on the Husky-Cal game and I wanted Cal to win.  She said, “Just win?” and I said, “Well….uh..yeah!”   What she was asking was “cover the pointspread, etc”.  So I just got a “to win” ticket.  Well, that wasn’t much of a risk.  In fact, when I looked at the ticket, if Cal were to actually win the game, I would get 10-cents back along with my $5.

I figured, “At least I didn’t lose anything.”  So, the game came and went, Cal won by a lot and covered the point spread and I took my “win” ticket back to the counter and the guy ran it through the machine.  The payout of $5.10 came up and the guy said, “You didnt’ know what you were doing , did you?”  I hung my head down and replied, “No”, took my 10-cent proceeds, and walked away.

Go Dawgs.

Tim Hunter

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