Oh that Lar

It was one year ago last Saturday that I lost one of my best friends, Larry Nelson.

Lar was one of those guys that everybody claimed as a best friend.  Two of his closest, long-time true friends were there–Tom Treece and his wife Linda, and “65th Street’s Slickest Shutter Snapper” as Larry called him, Bruce Johnson from Rowland Studios. I was there with my beautiful wife, Victoria, along with a guy who was blessed to be Larry’s “news guy” for a lot of years, Stan Orchard and his wife and life-partner, Joyce.

Bruce went above and beyond with the food….gourmet this, phenomenal that, ranging from lamb to salmon to an amazing rice dish, a Caesar salad that was to die for…and all of those cullinary treats surrounded with stories of old….most that started with “When Larry & I did this….or “Remember the time Larry….” etc.

Larry wasn’t perfect or a saint.  Ask any of his ex-wives (I know he’d laugh if he heard that one).

But he was genuine. A character.  An original, when today, so many people become copies of someone else.  I know that everyone there felt a special bond because of him and that all of our lives were deeply enriched because our paths had crossed the one taken by Larry B. Nelson. (Which is the name of the website we set up:  http://www.larrybnelson.com)

Next year, we plan something more to coincide with his birthday, October 16th (yep, the same as my nephew Matthew, which is why both always got their cards–for the most part–on time)  Larry was just one of those guys you’ll always remember and while we’re honor his life once a year, the guy is still with us every day.  He’s still with us.

And none of us would have it any other way.

Tim Hunter

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