The Northwest Sports Curse

It’s been a rough couple of years around here.  The Mariners lost 101 games this past season.  The Sonics moved to Oklahoma City, where they have a 1-13 record and have already fired their coach.  The Seahawks were out of the playoffs the second week of the season and their hot-‘n-cold quarterback Matt Hasselback, returning from an unplanned vacation due to an injury, has dashed the hopes of a comeback the last two weeks with a final play interception.

As for my Huskies, I can only assume their football team is directly connected to the American economy.  If anyone needs a bailout, it’s the Dawgs.  0-11, with an overtime loss to those Washington State Cougars in the Crapple cup and, after a bye week, one more scheduled loss to the Cal Bears.  Where the Huskies beat the economy, I’ve always heard in regards to the stock market “the bottom is zero” and they’ve already reached that.  From here, there’s no where to go but up.

The good news is that every Thanksgiving, I usually eat too much. This year, they’ve scheduled the Seahawks to play the Dallas Cowboys right before dinner.  If that doesn’t curb my appetite, nothing will.

I wonder how the Seattle Lawn Bowling team is doing?

Tim Hunter

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