The 2008 Husky Football Team

They’re now in the record books for being the first 0-10 team in school history.  Ouch!

As a season ticket holder, it’s been a tough five years…maybe longer, but therapy has helped me forget beyond that.

This past Saturday, another ugly loss:  this one to UCLA, headed by former Husky coach Rick Neweasel, which made it all the more painful.  As a season ticket holder, my wife Victoria and I stubbornly try to last as long as we can at each blowout.  Last weekend, it was late in the third quarter, there was NO WAY this team would be able to manage a comeback, a penalty flag was thrown on the field and the referee announced over the loudspeaker, “Would the time-keeper please put 10-seconds back on the clock.”

One of the die-hard faithful sitting near the top of the stands let out a loud, “No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!!”

It was hilarious. It helps to laugh.

I’m sorry Ty Willingham was not the guy to see this team to glory, as he seems like he’s got a lot going for him.  Sadly, he found himself the scapegoat of a deteriorating program that was turning itself around.  I’m totally convinced that with the past two years’ worth of recruits and a new, inspired coach, next year will be a much better year.

Then again, how can you do worse than 0-10?   Maybe I shouldn’t ask.  Excuse me, I need to go knock on some wood.

Tim Hunter

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