4 thoughts on “OK, now THAT’S weird

  1. Tim,

    Bet the “Man in his 50’s” ghost once dated Delilah.
    And I’d put money on Alice being the red head. I still miss her and think of her often. Funny thing… I always end up smiling as I do.

    Bob Brooks


    • I got drummed into serving as a trustee for the Seattle Sons of Norway Lodge. I attended my first meeting the other night and the woman says, “hi Tim, remember me? Laurie Zubich, friend of Shawn & Alice’s?” I remembered meeting her through Alice and of course, seeing her at the funeral in the blur that was that day.
      Those days seem like forever ago…..


  2. Of course Alice is there..and she is mad…mad at them saying goodbye to the best team ever! I sure can’t believe Alice is not here… It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.. this is Heather Parsons Maehlum.. assistant there and one of my favorite paces to have worked due to the great people that I worked with!!!


    • So good to hear from you. Wish I had contact info in October, as we put together a KLSY reunion. Pictures are on Facebook under a 92-5 KLSY Live page. Stay in touch for the next one…


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