Here I go!

So, once again, blame Kevin Urie for starting me into another arena of the Internet.  Hi, mom, I’m blogging!  At this point, I don’t know if I can keep this up as much as I should.  I had a MySpace page for a while, but they tossed me off because of inactivity.  I guess I’ve been thrown out of bigger websites, so here goes.  My goal is to bring you really fascinating, interesting and funny things…uh, next time.  This is that champagne bottle breaking across the bow of my metaphors, launching me into a sea of thoughts and concepts.  Oh, brother. Hope you’ll join in whenever you have a moment.

So, do you sign these things off like a letter?  Or just end it?  Stop writing?  Quit in the middle of sentence before you

Any suggestions from veteran bloggers would be appreciated.

Tim Hunter (unless I’m not supposed to do this, then “Ralph”)

4 thoughts on “Here I go!

  1. Ok, so am I to thank, or to blame? At any rate have fun with it. I try to post a least four times a week. Funny thing about it, the more you post the more of a following you will get.

    BTW, just sign off like you would writing a article for a newspaper.

    Next goal, Get a Destination Marketing Blog!

    Here is a link to other agency folks blogs if you are interested.


  2. Like your blog—and indeed weird about Alice haunting the radio station—

    so why not also blog about Jo, Bobbi, Toni, & Nicki Do you think the internet is ready for
    Cheers to you oh blogger!



  3. Add to that, one of the current radio co-hosts, Monti, says that they brought in a psychic on Halloween and the psychic picked up the spirit of a red-headed woman who haunted the building. Cue the Twilight Zone music….


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